Sell My Nashville House Fast

Do you need to sell your Nashville, Tn house quickly?

Selling a home in Nashville, Clarksville, Antioch, muphfreesboro, or anywhere in middle Tn, even in today's hot seller's market, it can take two or more months to sell a house from listing to money in hand. This does not include any pre-listing preparations such as repairs, cleaning, decluttering, and staging.

You'll need to be creative with your plans if you don't have the flexibility for this timeline, which includes the average 50 days you'll spend waiting for a financed buyer's mortgage to be processed.

Fortunately, you have options:

  1. Request a full cash offer from investors like KVBuyHouses, which can reduce your closing timeline to as little as 10 days or the date of your choosing.

  2. List your property with a top real estate agent who can assist you in securing a quick offer and, to the greatest extent possible, creating a clear path to settlement.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the best methods for getting a quick offer, signing a deal, and getting out of a house that no longer serves you.

Option 1: Request an all-cash offer for your home

Cash is king when it comes to "sell my house fast" solutions. This is because the process of listing a home is almost always slower and involves a number of unknowns.

These include:

When will you get an offer?

According to NAR data, homes stayed on the market for an average of 18 days in March 2022. However, in a typical year, your days on market could be closer to 35-40 days. A house in poor condition will also take longer to sell than the average. A traditional buyer who intends to live in the home will want it to be move-in ready, and the house may need to meet certain minimum property standards in order to appraise.

How cash can help: You can request an offer online and receive a response in as little as 24-48 hours. Some cash buyers make a preliminary offer that is subject to change after an evaluation. Others make firm offers right away.

Will the buyer pay cash or be pre-approved for a mortgage?

According to NAR data from 2021, 87 percent of recent buyers financed their home purchase. Even if you do no home preparation and attract a buyer in record time, the seller has little to no control over when the buyer's loan closes. This step should take 30-60 days before you get paid.

When you request an offer from a legitimate house-buying company, you expect to receive a full cash offer with no lender involvement.

Will there be delays or worse as a result of the inspection, appraisal, or loan underwriting?

According to the NAR's 2022 Realtors Confidence Index Survey, the top three recent causes of delayed settlements are buyer financing issues (22%), appraisal issues (20%), and home inspection issues (7%). (11 percent ). These issues can also lead to contract termination, leaving the seller to seek a new offer.

How cash solves this:Cash eliminates the possibility of problems with a home loan (there is no loan!) as well as the lender-ordered appraisal. Whether you sell for cash or not, a buyer may inspect your home, but direct home buyers typically purchase homes "as is" (at a reduced price) and do not expect sellers to make repairs.

"It's all about the convenience factor," says Daniel Close, a Kentucky real estate investor with 15 years of experience. "I compare it to paying more at the gas station for a gallon of milk — you get in and out faster and easier." You will pay less at the grocery store, but it will take longer and be more difficult."

How does a KVBuyHouses cash offer work?

When you sell your house for cash to KVBuyHouses, the following is what you can expect:

  • Contact: A seller contacts an investor or company that buys homes in their area and provides some basic information about their property. Some companies, on the other hand, will approach sellers about purchasing their home.

  • Get a preliminary offer: The seller will receive a preliminary offer in as little as 24-48 hours, which may be subject to change after a home inspection.

  • Have your house evaluated: Within a few days, the company schedules a walkthrough or exterior inspection of the house to assess its condition.

  • Obtain a firm offer: The company makes you a firm offer that you can accept or reject. Most of these businesses will not lower their prices, so bargaining is out of the question.

  • Title clearance: Before paying for the property, the cash buyer will ensure that the seller can convey a clear title. If liens are discovered, some home buying companies will guide sellers through the next steps.

  • Closing: If you accept the offer, you and the company will sign the contract, and the closing process will begin.

  • Payment is made: The seller usually receives payment within seven days to a few weeks. This varies by company, but sellers who work with a house-buying company often have more freedom in choosing a move-out date that works for them.

For more information, we recommend reading our comprehensive guide to selling your house for cash.